Time to Breathe

Heads up, we are hanging up the 'out of office' shingle for a few weeks.  Our friends are arriving this week to take over loving Kanti and enjoying the swake, while we do a little resting and breathing.  It's time for a break from our work and the everyday routine.  We are going to explore a few of the world's great cities. I am going to try to stay up past 9 p.m. and sleep beyond 5 a.m.  As of this morning, I am not committing to any blogs while we are gone.

For those of you who have tried blogging, you will know it is a lot like an exercise routine.  It's hard to do, week after week, and takes a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment to keep showing up.  Over the last six years many people have said to me, "I have a blog, too."

Yes, they were telling the truth.  They did have a blog.  It had a post, or a few posts on an internet page.  What was missing was the consistency over the long haul.  Early on in my blogging efforts, I read that consis…

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