Don't judge me, my Christmas tree is still up

Christmas mayhem has been over for weeks.  We have returned to burying ourselves in our regular routines so successfully the tree is still standing in the living room.  From the beginning of December right up until Christmas Eve, the photos of my friends' trees showed up in my various feeds and I loved seeing them.  Four weeks past Christmas, no one is posting pictures of their fully decorated trees.  In my imagination, everyone else has taken their trees down, packed up the ornaments, and removed the wreath from the front door. I am the only loser who still has a tree up.
In my mind, like yours, other people don't have real lives, they have perfect lives.  Periodically, I get caught in the mind-maze where everyone else does everything right and I am the only one who messes it up.  I am the only person in all of North America, possibly the whole world who still has their Christmas tree up.  Why limit yourself to one continent?  Never in thirty-seven years of marriage have I ha…

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