Guard and protect your old bones

It starts out as a meaty soup bone filled with marrow that makes her drool when you pull the container out of the freezer.  Half an hour later after all the loud crunching and licking - and she is a very noisy bone connoisseur - the bone is pure white, edges are broken off, there is no evidence of marrow, and the bone looks dried right up.  But even when the bone seems like it is totally done and over, Kanti will carry it downstairs to care for it a bit more.  Last week I found her sleeping on the couch with her bone by her paws, guarding it carefully as she slept.

Sleeping with her bone is her way of protecting it in the winter when the ground is frozen and she can't carry it outside to bury it.  In the summertime she has a collection of bones all safely buried somewhere on our property.  That pooch remembers exactly where her bones are buried, weeks after she has carefully finessed the soil over the bone with her nose.  She can resurrect them in seconds with a few powerful scrat…

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