Where is your life-taxi taking you?

Have you ever gone back to a place that was pivotal in your life and compared where you ended up against where you expected to end up?  Fifteen years ago, I was in New Orleans for my last week of Six Sigma Blackbelt training and a graduation celebration.  The cab ride scared me.  I was alone and we were going down what seemed like alleys where everything was boarded up.  I wondered where I was being taken and realized there was little I could do but hope and pray I ended up in the right spot, alive. On arrival at the hotel, one of the cleaning staff passed me in the hall and asked what room I was looking for.  After sharing the room number she told me, "that one is haunted."

My waking hours in that room were spent praying, reading my Bible, or calling Greg.  Somehow, one little phrase messed with me.  I did not sleep well.  Several forays onto Bourbon Street convinced me that I was a fish out of water in New Orleans.  The week of learning was good and the graduation celebra…

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