The boyfriend is not coming for dinner

How do you handle it when your husband asks, "Is your boyfriend coming for supper?"

In our house, the response was, "No, my boyfriend's working late."

We are coming up on our thirty-seventh anniversary and we talk in code a lot.  We do it without realizing and other times we do it very intentionally and for fun. One of our code words is boyfriend. It doesn't have any jealous, creepy, or angry connotations at our house.  However, the nuances of its use are so expansive that I was at a loss when Greg asked about the boyfriend coming for supper.

I knew Greg was working late so I thought he just wanted some reassurance that I loved him.  It's been a long few weeks at our house with work days stretching into the fourteen-hour range.  We have seen each other at the crack of dawn and for about two minutes at night before exhaustion and a nasty cold have driven our eyes closed and our heads onto our pillows.  Therefore, I delivered my quick response assuring h…

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