The 3G web of gratitude, generosity, and grace

My 'almost famous friend' worked at my desk last week, while I worked alongside at a folding table we had squeezed into the room.  She said she was almost famous because she had been mentioned in the blog before. Well today, Ms. SS, you become famous because your generosity and graciousness prompted lots of thinking on gratitude.  Ms. SS and I worked hard one afternoon with very little chitchat.  The only sounds were the occasional exclamation from one or the other of us, and the non-stop gurgling of my stomach.   There were a few frustrated words when the software didn't behave as expected.  WTH? And the infrequent but elated yippee when it did.  Apart from the occasional exclamation, my concentration was fierce except for the moments when the 3Gs popped up.

They popped up a lot, interrupting my thoughts as I tried to get client work done.  Gratitude, generosity, and grace kept smacking me up the side of the head.  Have you ever been overwhelmed by the 3Gs?  I was, last w…

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